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Oakley Overload 2.0 Glove - Men's

item #OAK017Y
Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $22.50
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Oakley Overload 2.0 Glove - Men's
Oakley Overload 2.0 Glove - Men's description:
Spare your old, tired gloves from another season of tree branches, trail furniture, and unfriendly encounters with the ground and upgrade to the Oakley Overload 2. 0 Glove. Slim and efficiently designed, the glove won't slow down your ability to dice through the tight and twisties; instead, it'll give you better dexterity and ample knuckle protection when you head into uncharted territory. Molded TPR along the knuckles shield the most vulnerable area of your hands, while two layers of AX Suede 2. 0 on the palms resist wear and tear while giving you consistent grip on the bars no matter how sweaty you get. Oakley trusts Airprene ribspan to keep the air flowing on the backs of your hands and to make sure you're not sacrificing any dexterity on the bars, while grip patterns on the forefinger and middle finger ensure your shifts are solid and braking happens exactly when you need it to.

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