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Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in

item #NZA0005
Price: $85.00 Buy Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in
Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in
Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in description:
In keeping with its namesake's adept navigation from peak to peak, the Onza Ibex 27. 5in Tubeless Tire claws effortlessly through steep, rocky terrain. It trades hooves for a widely spaced, open knob pattern for sure grip and fast transition through a wide variety of surfaces. Whether you're traversing a gravel access road, navigating unexpected mud, or bombing through your favorite trail system, this tire is up to the task.Onza utilizes a dual compound rubber that balances grip and durability for confident handling over long miles and hard terrain, and its lightweight FRC 120 casing provides a supple ride.

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