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Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in

item #NZA0005
Price: $85.00 Buy Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in
Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in
Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire - 27.5in description:
The best trails serve up an unending variety of terrain--fast and firm XC sections, swoopy and loose descents, mud holes, rooty climbs, stream crossings - and only a shoe like the Onza Ibex Tubeless Tire can really make the most out of all of it. Like its namesake ruminant, the Ibex is sure-footed no matter the terrain, although it opts for an open tread pattern instead of hooves to keep its rolling speed high and grip locked in even when the going gets sticky. The supple FRC 120 casing gives the Ibex a glued-on feel through rock gardens and rugged sections of trail, and it's totally tubeless ready, so you can run lower pressures for even better grip.

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