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Onza Citius Tubeless Tire - 27.5in

item #NZA0003
Price: $85.00 Buy Onza Citius Tubeless Tire - 27.5in
Onza Citius Tubeless Tire - 27.5in
Onza Citius Tubeless Tire - 27.5in description:
When you know it's going to be a high-speed battle against dust, rocks, and gnar, step into the arena armed with Onza's 27. 5in Citius Tubeless Tire. Chunky side knobs eat loose surfaces and fast corners for breakfast, while the tightly clustered center knobs roll fast and give you the grip to clean techy obstacles without getting bogged down on the flatter sections. Like most tires, the Citius rolls on a dual-compound rubber that delivers a killer combination of durability, grip, and weight. It's also available in two casings. The 60 TPI EDC Enduro offering comes with butyl inlays for serious puncture protection, while the 120 TPI FRC Freeride casing is somewhat softer and more supple for a smooth, ground-hugging ride that's sure to please riders looking to boost the speedometer on flowier and more pedaly sections of trail.

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