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NRS Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak

item #NRS009H
Price: $695.00
Sale Price: $625.50
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NRS Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak
NRS Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak description:
Float the Colorado with the NRS Outlaw Inflatable Kayak and let the rest of the crew paddle a full-blown raft through tricky rapids. Nimble and fast, the Outlaw punches through waves and ducks in and out of tricky sections of water without requiring a two-man crew. The rigid floor and wide hull lend this boat stability, while the aggressive bow rocker allows you to ride over obstacles and rough water with ease. NRS' designers made the side tubes a little larger than on a traditional boat, which allows you to load down the Outlaw with enough gear for a day or two on the water. All the right finishing details are there, including Leafield C-7 valves for quick inflation and deflation and heavy-gauge PVC polyester that fends off the hard hits of the river or abrasion from burly takeouts. This is a kayak that a beginner can paddle with confidence and an experienced paddler can push hard.

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