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NiteRider Mako 100 Light

item #NRI0171
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NiteRider Mako 100 Light
NiteRider Mako 100 Light description:
Most lights for city riding only keep drivers aware of your presence, but don't do anything to illuminate the road or its hazards. As an introductory-level light from NiteRider, the Mako 100 Light is a small but powerful light addition to your commute. See the road, and let motorists see you. Like all NiteRider lights, the Mako 100 uses a Cree LED bulb to broadcast a wide, 100 lumen beam of light across the road. It features two solid settings and a flash setting to let you dial in the output that you need for the evening. And since lateral visibility is just as important as frontal visibility, NiteRider installed 'gills' on both sides of the light body to emit red light on every setting. The light also comes equipped with an adjustable handlebar clamp that accommodates bars up to 31. 8mm in diameter. The NiteRider Mako 100 Light comes with two batteries and weights approximately 165g.

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