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NiteRider Lumina Micro 350 Headlight

item #NRI001G
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NiteRider Lumina Micro 350 Headlight
NiteRider Lumina Micro 350 Headlight description:
You've been caught out after sundown on the roads a few times now, especially as the days get shorter and the sunset happens earlier and earlier every night, and you're finding it tough to get to the trails before they're shady and dimly lit. If you're thinking about riding in the dark, a compact light like NiteRider's Lumina Micro 350 Headlight is a good piece of gear to invest in. We like that it's lightweight, at just 120 grams, and versatile -- you can mount it to your handlebars or your helmet, depending on where your ride takes you. The Lumina Micro 350 is similar to NiteRider's original Lumina line, but was designed as a more streamlined option, perfect for minimalists and riders who aren't sure how much of an investment they want to make in nighttime riding. The light has 4 steady modes to choose from as well as a daylight flash mode, which keeps you visible to approaching motorists while using very little of the Li-Po battery's power. When you need to recharge, the versatile USB charger will get a full charge in just under two hours if you have it connected to a high power source, so it'll quickly get you back out on the road just in time for the sunset.

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