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NiteRider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote

item #NRI001A
Price: $449.99 Buy NiteRider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote
NiteRider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote
NiteRider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote description:
Be careful when you're trail riding with the NiteRider Pro 2800 Enduro Remote, because small planes might confuse it for a landing light and try to touch down right on your dome. That's one of this risks you run when you blast 2800 lumens of light out into the night, but it's worth it to see the details of the trail like it's daytime. The Pro 2800 mounts solidly to your bars, where you can enjoy easy access to its six modes, including long-lasting flashing, race, and walk settings. The bar-mounted remote sits right next to your grip and makes it even easier to toggle between modes as your needs change. Recharge the six-cell Li-Ion battery using the included AC adapter, and then get back out there and show those dark trails what's really up.

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