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NiteRider Pro 3600 Enduro Remote

item #NRI000Z
Price: $549.99
Sale Price: $412.49
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NiteRider Pro 3600 Enduro Remote
NiteRider Pro 3600 Enduro Remote description:
With an insanely powerful output of 3,600 lumens, NiteRider's Pro 3600 Enduro Remote is the perfect companion for tricky descents after sundown and any kind of long, nighttime ride you can muster. The Pro 3600 Enduro features four brightness settings and a daylight flash mode, providing optimal coverage in almost any conditions. The eight-cell Li-Ion battery can run up to 16 hours on the lowest setting and recharges quickly via USB. Once it's topped off, the Pro 3600 Enduro mounts easily to your helmet or handlebars, and the included remote switch allows you to adjust the light with effortless precision when you're on the go.

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