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NiteRider Pro 3600 DIY LED Remote

item #NRI000Y
Price: $699.99 Buy NiteRider Pro 3600 DIY LED Remote
NiteRider Pro 3600 DIY LED Remote
NiteRider Pro 3600 DIY LED Remote description:
If you're riding on trails under the stars when it's completely dark, simply being able to see the way isn't always enough. NiteRider's Pro 3600 DIY LED Remote light will illuminate not just the general area you're in, but the detailed contours of the trail, allowing you to anticipate changes in the terrain much like you would during the day. With a 3,600 lumen output and customizable software, it's also NiteRider's most powerful and versatile offering yet. You can program the two LED light beams independently of one another, customizing them to achieve your ideal brightness while conserving battery life depending on the length of your ride. The NiteRider Pro attaches to your handlebars easily, and it also includes a remote switch for easier control. For the rides when you don't feel the need to customize, the light can also be set to four different steady modes as well as one flash mode, and the 8-cell Lithium Ion battery quick releases for easy removal for recharging. At 839g, it's heavier than a simple blinking light, but it does a lot more too.

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