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Now O-Drive Snowboard Binding

item #NOW000O
Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $424.15
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Now O-Drive Snowboard Binding
Now O-Drive Snowboard Binding description:
Strap into the Now O-Drive Snowboard Binding when you're charging steep lines, sending cliffs into waist-deep powder, and laying trenches on high-speed groomers. As the stiffest binding in Now's line, the O-Drive is built from a Hanger 2. 0 with a 30% carbon blend for explosive energy transfer across treacherous steeps and intimidating alpine terrain. It's the binding of choice for the balls-out charging of Romain De Marchi, laying waste to anything in its path, whether that's 50-foot cornice drops in Whistler or heli-accessed spines in AK. Now's Skate Tech features a Hanger 2. 0 base connected to a hinged Kingpin at its center. The hinge acts like a fulcrum, allowing you to rock the binding back and forth with a subtle amount of play, much like you'd experience when turning on a skateboard truck. Instead of transferring all your energy into turning on a rigid baseplate, the slight rocking motion seamlessly transmits rider inputs into precise turns with powerful edge hold. Another benefit, this technology reduces chatter and vibration transmitted through the binding, thanks to bushings sitting directly under the Hanger, where the binding touches the board. The O-Drive comes with two different bushings, allowing you to choose between medium (45 shore) and hard (55 shore) damping. Adding to the binding's carbon-infused construction, the FS2 highback features 30% carbon for the stiffest and strongest possible lay-up. Since carbon is much stiffer than other materials used in binding designs, you'll experience seamless energy transfer for slaying steeps and carving. Not content with just loading the highback and baseplate with carbon, the 4-hole disc is actually a 30% carbon blend as well, creating a binding that's unwavering in stiffness and support.

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