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Now Select Snowboard Binding

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Price: $299.00
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Now Select Snowboard Binding
Now Select Snowboard Binding description:
As Now's best-selling freestyle binding, the Now Select Snowboard Binding brings a fluid feel to your park exploits and rail sessions with its pivoting Skate Technology. Built off a Hanger 1. 0 base comprised of a 30% fiberglass blend, the Select is a bit more responsive than a traditional park binding. This added response allows you to charge bigger freestyle features without giving up high-speed stability. The Freewing highback is 15-millimeters higher than Now's original Flex Hinge highback, maximizing energy transfer when you're sending hits in the pipe, carving around the mountain, and cranking frontside spins off jumps. Now's innovative Skate Tech is the most impressive feature on the Select Snowboard Binding, enhancing turning fluidity while reducing vibration underfoot. The Hanger 1. 0 base is connected to a hinged Kingpin at its center, allowing you to rock the binding back and forth with a subtle amount of play. This rocking motion mimics the turning sensation of a skateboard truck, directing energy transfer for smooth edge-to-edge transitions. Another upside to this technology is reduced vibration underfoot, courtesy of medium density bushings that act as a shock-absorbing buffer between the bindings and snowboard.

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