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Niner YAWYD Top Cap

item #NNR0040
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Niner YAWYD Top Cap
Niner YAWYD Top Cap description:
Do you ever get about halfway up a climb and feel like your legs are about to give out' Would it help to have a little extra motivation' That picture of your girlfriend won't do it. The recording of your father explaining what a disappointment you are won't help, either. What you need is a reminder of the reward that awaits at the end of your ride-a delicious, frothy beverage. The Niner YAWYD (You Are What You Drink) Stem Top Cap is just the thing. Bolt the top cap to your bike and pop your favorite bottle cap right onto the top cap. An occasional glance down at your stem cap will have you up the climb like you're wearing a motor. The Niner YAWYD Top Cap comes in Black and is available for 1 1/8 inch steerer tubes only. It is compatible with twist-off or pry-off bottle caps.

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