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Niner Flat Top Handlebar

item #NNR0017
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Niner Flat Top Handlebar
Niner Flat Top Handlebar description:
Mountain bikers used to cut their bars down to 'slice through trees' ... they used to ride with a hip pack and in cut-off jeans, too. We've come a long way, and modern mountain bikers favor wide bars like the Niner Flat Top Handlebar to steer their single-speeds and 29ers. Larger wheels and taller gears benefit from the extra width because it offers added leverage when standing on the pedals or leaning into a turn. Constructed from 7075 t-6 aluminum, the butted Flat Top offers the stiffness and low weight you desire for accurate handling and efficiency. The Flat Top is 710mm and Niner provides markings with 20mm increments to assist with accurately chopping the bar down. This 31. 8mm clamp diameter bar features a nine-degree sweep to offer excellent ergonomics, and it can be rotated to fine tune your riding position plus or minus five millimeters. Niner even designed the Flat Top Handlebar's graphics to be unaffected by bar position, and hits them with colors to complement Niners frames; Green, Moondust, Tangerine, and Red.

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