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Nixon Scripps II Backpack

item #NIX00JG
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Nixon Scripps II Backpack
Nixon Scripps II Backpack description:
Great for traveling to far-flung locales in search of fresh swell or nursing a french roast at your local corner cafe, Nixon's Scripps II 16L Backpack is a great supplement to your on-the-go lifestyle. The Scripps II includes a zippered laptop sleeve for staying productive while out and about, plus the two vertical front entry pockets are great for stowing modern essentials like cords, chargers, and all your other digital gear. And if you're on the road and need a more-secure spot to stash your passport, wallet, phone, or bullion, it also has an internal zippered pocket for stowing all your items that are too precious to leave withing reach of nefarious individuals.

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