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Nixon Landlock SE II Backpack

item #NIX00JC
Price: $64.95 Buy Nixon Landlock SE II Backpack
Nixon Landlock SE II Backpack
Nixon Landlock SE II Backpack description:
In Nixon's Landlock SE Backpack, you aren't restricted by state lines, property markers, or the massive miles of I-80. With this backpack, you can ramble on and adventure to the local skatepark or head out of dodge to the closest national park for the weekend. Based off of Nixon's original Landlock Backpack, this large-volume bag has an internal laptop compartment for taking your work with you. Plus, the padded back panel and shoulder straps for consistent comfort. Complete with a dual side release buckle, cinch closure and adjustable skate straps, this pack can waffle between the park and coffee shop without hesitation.

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