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Industry Nine C41 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless

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Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine C41 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Industry Nine C41 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Industry Nine C41 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless description:
It's no secret that Reynolds and Industry Nine have had a chummy relationship over the past few years; it's benefited us all. I9 hubs spinning with their signature hum on Reynolds' lithe carbon rims is a combination that rivals the industry's best, and we're thrilled to see evidence of the wheel and hub geniuses maintaining their friendship over the miles between Utah and North Carolina with the Industry Nine C41 TL Carbon Road Wheelset. If you're looking for a sprint-loving race wheel that begs to hold onto speed, you'll have a hell of a time on the C41. Built with the profile of Reynolds' Assault rim, the C41 received the same meticulous attention to detail during construction as its sibling. Reynolds' computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allowed engineers to shape the carbon fiber rim to maximize aerodynamics, while the addition of Reynolds' Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) technology improves stability and handling. Instead of fighting with a rim constantly trying to pull you to either side of the road when you reach gusty summits, you'll enjoy a smoother ride with the addition of SLG, a raised 3mm ridge that follows the rim's circumference, helping stabilize it in crosswinds. The C41 also receives Reynolds' impressive Cryogenic Glass Transition (CTG) brake track, which reduces the uncertainty that often plagues carbon fiber rims' brake tracks. Use the 41mm depth as you will. For some, it's ideal as a race-only wheelset; for others who like the feel of a wheel that seems to never slow down once it works its way up to speed, the C41 sits on the right side of 50mm to be an everyday set of hoops. Of course, we'd be highly remiss if we discussed an I9 wheel without gushing about the hubs it spins on. In this year's Torch hubs, I9 reduced pawl count from six to three, which allows the hubs to retain a precise, highly efficient six-degree engagement while losing weight and reducing drag compared to previous designs. According to I9, these new hubs can withstand up to 700...

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