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Industry Nine C29 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless

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Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine C29 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Industry Nine C29 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Industry Nine C29 TL Carbon Road Wheelset - Tubeless description:
The long-distance relationship between Industry Nine and Reynolds Cycling is one that we're all lucky to experience. Across the miles between North Carolina and Utah, I9 and Reynolds combine their expertise in carbon fiber and hub design to create wheelsets with a pedigree unmarred by the classic trappings of purebred models. Like your beloved mutt, the Industry Nine C29 TL Carbon Road Wheelset comes with the best features of its parents: I9's venerable Torch hubs, and Reynolds' expert carbon rims, which follow the exact profile of Reynolds' climb-ready Attack rims. Whether used purely as an everyday rim or as your climbing weapon, the C29 will easily become one of the most dependable wheelsets in your arsenal. Reynolds trusts in-depth engineering to shape the C29's adaptable rims. The 29mm depth undeniably lends the wheelset to climbing first, but its low weight and efficiency on high elevation days doesn't come at the expense of stiffness around corners. Reynolds' use of a 25mm external rim width complements its rigidity with a wider seat that affords your tire increased contact with the road. By running your tubeless tires at lower pressure, you'll gain stability and grip when taking advantage of the rim's enthusiasm around tight corners and ribboning tarmac. Though we'd all prefer to hold onto speed rather than shed it, braking is a key component in carbon rim design, whether we're racing or out on a joy ride. When you squeeze the levers at the top of a serpentine descent, wind whipping around you from indiscernible angles, Reynolds' CTg (Crygenic Glass Transition) brake track will provide the kind of reassuring stopping power rarely seen on carbon hoops. A carbon laminate that must be used with Reynolds' Cryo-Blue Power brake pads, CTg stays significantly cooler than other comparable braking surfaces, leading to more predictable slow-downs and a significantly reduced likelihood of brake failure due to overheating. Lastly, we'd be remiss if we failed to gi...

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