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Industry Nine Enduro 310 PillarCarbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5in

item #NIN002C
Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine Enduro 310 PillarCarbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5in
Industry Nine Enduro 310 PillarCarbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5in
Industry Nine Enduro 310 PillarCarbon Boost Wheelset - 27.5in description:
Industry Nine is well known for producing wheelsets that can handle serious trail abuse, which isn't surprising considering their office's proximity to some of the country's rootiest, rockiest, and gnarliest technical terrain. After countless hours on those hard-riding testing grounds, the Enduro 310 PillarCarbon 27. 5in Boost Wheelset has earned its reputation as a nearly bombproof set of wheels that brings lightweight responsiveness and top-tier construction to the biggest runs. The Pillar Carbon rims aren't just any run-of-the-mill epoxy and fiber-reinforced rings. Industry Nine enlisted help from the composite wizards at Reynolds Cycling, which means that these 26mm inner width, tubeless rims feature Reynolds' MR5 technology. It focuses on five key elements--spoke face, nipple bed, tire channel, rim sidewall, and hook bead--in order to optimize resin chemistry and carbon layup for the structural loads of each component. The result is the Pillar Carbon rim with Twin Pillar hookless bead walls. The rims, found exclusively on Industry Nine's Pillar line of wheels, are tubeless-ready and offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and ride quality characteristics. At the center, the PillarCarbon rim is laced to I9's venerable Torch hubs, which feature a six pawl driver with three-degree engagement for instantaneous power the moment you step on the pedals. The 32-hole Torch Hub and spoke platform reduces excess weight without compromising strength or riding prowess on the trail, making this wheelset aptly suited for fulfilling your enduro racing dreams and trail-slaying ambitions.

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