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Industry Nine Ultralite 235 29in Wheelset

item #NIN001W
Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine Ultralite 235 29in Wheelset
Industry Nine Ultralite 235 29in Wheelset
Industry Nine Ultralite 235 29in Wheelset description:
29ers are about one thing: going forward really, really fast. By combining a lightweight, wide rim with its unrivalled CNC-machined Torch freehubs, Industry Nine is empowering them to do just that. The Ultralite 235 29in Wheelset is a lightweight pair of XC weapons whose generous rim width and tubeless-ready design address most of our wagon wheel concerns. First, the wider rims are stiffer than traditional XC rims, so they hold up better under torsional load and reduce the noodly feel of ye olde 29in wheels. Second, the combination of 23. 5mm internal width and a tubeless-ready design mean you can run fatter tires at lower PSI without risking pinch flats or burping. This makes the ride more plush while the larger tire contact patch enjoys better traction on rooty climbs. Of course, the hubs are ultimately the stars here--this is I9, after all. Industry Nine made its name with precision CNC machining at its Indiana facility, and the latest generation of Torch hubs prove that they haven't just been playing around. The Torch freehub is built around six offset pawls that provide 120 points of engagement, all of which means that it's never more than three degrees away from translating pedal input to forward motion. While it's still possible to get hung-up on rocky cruxes, the Ultralite 235's combination of low rotational mass and virtually instant engagement make it far less likely.

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