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Industry Nine Enduro 305 29in Wheelset

item #NIN001U
Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine Enduro 305 29in Wheelset
Industry Nine Enduro 305 29in Wheelset
Industry Nine Enduro 305 29in Wheelset description:
Handcrafted within a stone's throw of the Pisgah National Forest's legendary trail system, the Industry Nine Enduro 305 29in Wheelset provides the stiffness and durability necessary to bomb gnarly descents and clean big drips, with the efficiency to conquer steep, unrelenting climbs up root and rock-laden mountainsides. This rock-solid aluminum wheelset represents the next step in I9's Torch Enduro series, with a boosted inner width for improved ride feel and tire to trail interactions. By increasing the rim's inner width from 26mm to a burly 30. 5mm, the Enduro 305 Wheelset delivers exceptional traction by accommodating larger volume tires on the trail. The wider rims flatten out the tire profile, leading to a less bulbous tire with increased sidewall support and allowing lower pressure for better grip across demanding stretches of terrain. Another major benefit is reduced sidewall burping, meaning you won't have to constantly check tire pressure when you're rallying through rough sections of trail. And because they're significantly wider, you'll reap the benefits of increased stiffness and support when you're launching off trail obstacles, bursting out of corners, and tracking through chunky rock gardens.This wheelset comes with I9's venerable Torch hubs, which feature a six pawl driver with three-degree engagement for instantaneous power the moment you step on the pedals. The 32-hole Torch Hub and spoke platform reduces excess weight without compromising strength or riding prowess on the trail. Tapered spokes enhance durability without penalizing your acceleration with excess weight, making this wheelset aptly suited for fulfilling your enduro racing dreams and trail-slaying ambitions.The Enduro 305 29in Wheelset is tubeless ready and comes with Presta valve stems and rim tape already installed. Choose between a Shimano/SRAM HG or SRAM XD1 driver.

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