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Industry Nine Trail 245 29in Wheelset

item #NIN001D
Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine Trail 245 29in Wheelset
Industry Nine Trail 245 29in Wheelset
Industry Nine Trail 245 29in Wheelset description:
Whether you've blown out your old hoops or are upgrading with less urgency, you'll be hard pressed to find a wheelset that blends durability, consistency, and hub design better than Industry Nine's Trail 245 29in Wheelset. Take this durable trail wheelset on mixed singletrack during your after work rides, and hit machine-built flow or rugged desert terrain on the weekends knowing it's up for everything you can throw at it.The 245 line has always been a popular design from Industry Nine, and you won't have trouble seeing why. A durable, lightweight aluminum construction keeps each rim staring down big drops and slickrock ledges with confidence, while the rim's Second Generation Tubeless profile strengthens the rim and allows it to hang onto tires--both your regular ones and the beefier set you picked up last week--with clean, flat-resistant precision. Of course, one of the major benefits of springing for an Industry Nine wheelset is the hubs that come with it. Humming reliably with six pawls and just three degrees of engagement, the Trail 245's revered Torch hubs spring into action almost instantaneously. When you turn the corner into an unexpected root lattice, just turn the pedals for responsive, crisp power transfer--these hubs are as quick as your legs are.

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