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Industry Nine Trail S 27.5in Wheelset

item #NIN000O
Price: $845.00 Buy Industry Nine Trail S 27.5in Wheelset
Industry Nine Trail S 27.5in Wheelset
Industry Nine Trail S 27.5in Wheelset description:
If you don't have three grand to drop on a set of hoops, never fear, because Industry Nine's Trail S 27. 5in Wheelset delivers everything you need and then some while making sure you can still afford a celebratory beer--and a pad in which to drink it--at the end of a legendary day. Made from 6000 series Performance Alloy, that Trail S can take every beating that you dish out from the bike park to the backcountry, while the 24. 5mm internal width makes sure you can put plenty of rubber on the ground so you don't fly off berms or wash out in loose corners. 28 straight-pull steel spokes keep the rim laced to the Torch S-series hubs, which sport 60 points of engagement for near-instant response when you jam on the pedals--no more lurching and huge arcs of dead pedal space when you're attacking a tough climb. You've got two freehub bodies to choose from, and the Trail S comes outfitted with rim tape and the valve stem all set to be rallied without tubes.

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