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Industry Nine i25 Road Wheelset - Tubeless

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Price: $999.99 Buy Industry Nine i25 Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Industry Nine i25 Road Wheelset - Tubeless
Industry Nine i25 Road Wheelset - Tubeless description:
When it comes to looks, few components match the finish Industry Nine's attention to detail produces. This holds true for the i25 Tubeless Road Wheelset, and to ensure performance matches expectations, a redesigned Torch hub, 2:1-laced Sapim spokes, and a 23mm-wide tubeless-ready rim team up for incredible performance in a package that's equally at home racing or training. As always, the artfully machined Torch hubset is built in North Carolina by people who ride hard. It's the same driver used in the Torch mountain hubset, but to reduce drag, three pawls are used instead of six. On that same note, Industry Nine manufactures its own Teflon contact seals to defend against tenacious 'cross-racing mud, while still running drag-free for stacking on road miles. Unlike I9's mountain wheelsets, the I-series wheelset makes use of Sapim's trusted CX-Ray stainless steel spokes. These forged, bladed spokes have a reputation as a strong, stiff option for securing a hub to a rim. Enhancing the strength is a 2:1 lacing pattern on the 24-spoke rear wheel, with eight of those spokes on the non-drive side, and 16 on the drive side. The result is reduced wind-up of the wheels under power for phenomenal power transfer, but with the lightness that comes with reduced spoke counts. Industry Nine forgoes traditional 19-19. 5mm rim widths in favor of a 23. 2mm-wide extrusion. This allows the use of 10 to 15 PSI lower tire pressures, and provides a tubular-like ride quality along with enhanced cornering grip. Add the ability of going tubeless, and those characteristics are only enhanced. And as an added bonus, when coupled with 23 and 25mm tires, the wider rims provide better airflow for enhanced aerodynamics. The Industry Nine i25 Tubeless Road Wheelset is available with a Shimano/SRAM 11-speed freehub and in the colors Black/black and Black/red.

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