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New Balance 446v1 Shoe - Men's

item #NEW00MM
Price: $74.95
Sale Price: $56.21
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New Balance 446v1 Shoe - Men's
New Balance 446v1 Shoe - Men's description:
At home in your urban neck of the woods, the New Balance Men's 446v1 Shoe is a lightweight and comfy sneaker for navigating your everyday lifestyle. Made with a soft suede and canvas upper, the 446 rocks universal styling that looks good on the street, at the office, in the park, or on the trail, and thanks to the breathable mesh lining and shock-absorbing EVA midsole, the shoe is also up to a casual game of soccer or jaunt around the block doing errands. The soft lining will have you looking forward to putting them on in the morning, and if you happen to tromp through a puddle in the street, the cushy footbed is removable, so you can let 'em dry out and pop back to fresh.

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