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NEMO Equipment Inc. Heliopolis Outhouse

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Price: $149.95 Buy NEMO Equipment Inc. Heliopolis Outhouse
NEMO Equipment Inc. Heliopolis Outhouse
NEMO Equipment Inc. Heliopolis Outhouse description:
It's not roughing it when you're packing the privacy and civilized comfort of the Nemo Heliopolis Outhouse on your next camping trip. This portable outhouse doubles as a sanitary changing and shower station, integrating with Nemo's Helio Shower (sold separately) for staying hygienic at camp. Think refreshing showers after swimming in the sea, a private place to change clothes, or a sanitary restroom for this portable shelter's preferred use. The sturdy steel frame props up a spacious interior, allowing you to take a shower or use the restroom without feeling cramped. Its high-density polyethylene floor won't grow mold or mildew, thanks in part to the mesh-lined floor perimeter for quick drying. The door locks from the inside for added privacy when you're using the restroom or showering.

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