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Mystery Ranch Pitch 55L Backpack

item #MYT000J
Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $199.96
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Mystery Ranch Pitch 55L Backpack
Mystery Ranch Pitch 55L Backpack description:
Mystery Ranch designed the Pitch 55 Backpack for those ambitious routes you've been eyeing for years but never had the correct conditions, until now. As the largest pack in Mystery Ranch's Pitch collection, this technical backpack boasts the capacity suitable for the longest done-in-a-day objectives that contain climbing ice, rock, and everything in between. Its unique three-point attachment lets you fix your climbing rope, helmet, and ice axes outside of the pack so you can leave room for layers, lunch, crampons, ice screws, and other essentials inside. Mystery Ranch made it out of water-resistant materials with a watertight roll-top closure, and there's a secondary side access so you can retrieve items quickly during the ascent.

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