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Mystery Ranch Mystic 70L Backpack - Women's

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Price: $278.95
Sale Price: $223.16
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Mystery Ranch Mystic 70L Backpack - Women's
Mystery Ranch Mystic 70L Backpack - Women's description:
Come Sunday, you can't be found settled within wooden pews and leather-bound books. On the contrary, the solitude and solace of the mountains offer you respite that no place of worship can, and the Mystery Ranch Women's Mystic Backpack is more than ready and willing to ensure you remain well-prepared on your journey. Designed to tackle the wolfsbane-laced trails of Montana to the dry, dusty hardpack of Arizona, the Mystic provides durability and a comfortable carry for all of your haul. More specifically, this pack is fashioned with a 210D Robic honeycomb and 420D nylon fabric that's equal parts durable and lightweight. A Teflon treatment on the exterior of the fabric not only extends the life of your pack and resists abrasive tree branches or rocks, but it also sheds moisture and safeguards your gear from errant precipitation. Additionally, the Mystic's 4272 cubic inches of space is more than capable of hauling light loads for short weekend jaunts in the forest or heavy bundles for week-long romps in the backcountry. The full-length center zipper allows you to access your gear quickly and on the fly, and the Mystic also features a top-loading access point and removable lid. Two external front pockets keep bug spray or sunscreen close at hand (without having to rummage through your pack), and the adjustable loops easily accommodate ice tools or trekking poles. Not to mention, this pack is equipped with two water bottle pockets and is hydration compatible, ensuring that you stay sufficiently hydrated on the trail. The previously mentioned features are all fine and dandy, but if the pack doesn't fit right then it just won't do, right' For this very reason, the designers over at Mystery Ranch outfitted all packs with an adjustable yoke and telescoping harness. To adjust the pack, remove the adjuster tool from the yoke, use it to finagle the hook-and-loop material free from the bag, and slide the telescoping harness up or down in accordance with more or less yoke r...

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