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Mystery Ranch Stein 62L Backpack - Women's

item #MYT0001
Price: $298.95 Buy Mystery Ranch Stein 62L Backpack - Women's
Mystery Ranch Stein 62L Backpack - Women's
Mystery Ranch Stein 62L Backpack - Women's description:
A person's choice in beer can tell you a lot about who they are, as can the name of a product, and the Mystery Ranch Women's Stein 62 Backpack is no exception to this concept. With an epithet that means "stone" in German, it should be no surprise that this pack offers rock-solid durability and ample carrying capacity that's akin to its steinkrug cousins. Although, don't let the Stein's heavy-duty name fool you into thinking it weighs a ton: this pack features lighter-weight materials than the standard-issue fabrics used on Mystery Ranch packs and also touts a paired-down compression system that makes it ideal for ounce-counters. More specifically, the Stein is constructed using a lightweight, yet durable 400D nylon fabric and Teflon treatment that safeguards your gear from errant moisture or precipitation. The 3783 cubic inch capacity is more than suitable for week-long treks into the backcountry or short, mind-clearing travels on the weekends. A Speedzip sleeping bag compartment offers secure respite for your snooze sack and can be easily accessed on the fly. Meanwhile, the full-length side zippers provide full access to the main compartment, and the double-pocket lid is not only hydration system compatible, but also removable and converts into a blitz backpack for your convenience. A lightweight daisy chain and two ice axe loops allow you to attach gear on the pack's exterior should your adventure call for it, and the double front pockets enable to keep small necessities within arm's reach. Though, the folks at Mystery Ranch understand that all of the aforementioned features are rendered useless if the pack doesn't fit, which is why they outfitted all of their packs with an adjustable yoke and telescoping harness. To adjust the pack, simply remove the adjuster tool from the yoke, use it to wriggle the hook-and-loop material free from the bag, and slide the telescoping harness up or down in accordance with more or less yoke room. Additionally, the Stein is equ...

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