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Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire - Clincher

item #MXX005T
Price: $64.00
Sale Price: $50.99
Buy Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire - Clincher
Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire - Clincher
Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire - Clincher description:
Roadies think you're eccentric, and the MTB crowd just doesn't understand. Gravel riding isn't for everyone, but you'll take being a misunderstood figure for miles of empty, unpaved roads any day. Gear up for a summer of bikepacking to unexplored locales with the Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire between you and the ground. Rather than just allowing you to take your endurance road bike onto deteriorating country roads, the Ravager's beefier tread has rougher terrain in mind. Large, squared side knobs dig in when you're cornering on bumpy doubletrack, while an efficient column of squared center knobs maintain grip and traction on dusty, sun-baked "roads". This version of the Ravager comes with a 120 TPI, which will help you stay moving smoothly on days you have a stricter itinerary, and Maxxis' always impressive EXO protection readies the Ravager to face thorns, rocks, and tumbleweed for days on end.

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