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Maxxis All Terrane EXO/TR Tire - Clincher

item #MXX005R
Price: $54.00
Sale Price: $43.20
Buy Maxxis All Terrane EXO/TR Tire - Clincher
Maxxis All Terrane EXO/TR Tire - Clincher
Maxxis All Terrane EXO/TR Tire - Clincher description:
When you take your first look at the 'cross course you'll be racing on this weekend, you know that mixed weather conditions necessitate a tire capable of taking on a bit of everything. Rather than a skittish fast roller or mud-flinging bruiser, the best tire for the job is one that won't be intimidated by squish, but can turn around and snap to attention when you hit a dry berm. Fortunately, Maxxis' All Terrane EXO/TR Tire was made for these kinds of days. Wrap your race hoops in the All Terrane and you'll be ready for variable conditions with a wide, open tread shedding mud quickly in soft spots, and a 120 TPI preventing you from getting bogged down. Tall, square knobs grab hold of the dirt when the course turns rutted and sloppy a few laps in, but their ramped positioning on the tire allows for quick acceleration when the dirt dries and you need to open it up heading into a flyover.

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