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Maxxis Minion FBR EXO/TR Tire - 26in

item #MXX004O
Price: $137.80
Sale Price: $95.00
Buy Maxxis Minion FBR EXO/TR Tire - 26in
Maxxis Minion FBR EXO/TR Tire - 26in
Maxxis Minion FBR EXO/TR Tire - 26in description:
Not content with letting trail and enduro riders have all of the fun on its beloved Minion, Maxxis has updated the crowd-pleasing tire to let fat bikes in on the game. Like a solid pair of mountaineering boots, the Minion FBR EXO/TR Tire will ready your burly fat bike for just about any conditions -- the looser and less predictable, the better. The Minion FBR is a rear-specific design meant to be paired with the compatible Minion FBF in front. The end goal is granting loyal grip in slick corners and along messy sections of trail without slowing you down when you reach smooth ribbons of snow-covered singletrack. Maxxis incorporates its tall, square, side knobs to dig in on corners. It then adds ramped, paddle-like knobs along the center channel for low rolling resistance on flatter sections of trail. This construction, combined with a 120 TPI and the tire's tubeless-ready construction, brings durability and responsiveness to the fat bike platform -- exactly what we've come to expect from any Maxxis Minion model.

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