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Maxxis Aggressor EXO/TR Tire - 27.5in

item #MXX004J
Price: $62.00 Buy Maxxis Aggressor EXO/TR Tire - 27.5in
Maxxis Aggressor EXO/TR Tire - 27.5in
Maxxis Aggressor EXO/TR Tire - 27.5in description:
Take Maxxis' Aggressor EXO/TR Tire with you on the days you show up ready to blast through technical singletrack and take on big descents. We can't promise it'll make your lines more aggressive, but its rugged, versatile construction will make sure you don't have to hold back when you point your wheels downhill. Designed for training more than racing, the tubeless-ready Aggressor features a durable 60 TPI casing along with Maxxis' EXO sidewall protection to ward off flats. The knobby tread design features hard edges and reinforced side knobs to grip through loose, unpredictable stretches of trail and keep you from washing out on tight corners. Take the Aggressors on smooth hardpack and they'll do just fine, but you'll really see them shine on the loosest, least consistent sections of trail.

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