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Maxxis Rambler TR Tire - Clincher

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Maxxis Rambler TR Tire - Clincher
Maxxis Rambler TR Tire - Clincher description:
If this 'cross season finds you with a full race calendar and a strong preference for gravel, Maxxis' Rambler TR Clincher Tire may become your security blanket. Made with durable, dual-compound rubber and a race-ready 120 TPI, the Rambler features a gravel-specific tread that's also prepared to hit the hardpack. The tires' center features tightly packed center knobs to keep you moving quickly on smooth singletrack and dirt, while increased spacing on the side knobs add grip and dependability on trails. The tire is available with two levels of protection, EXO and SilkShield. EXO involves a flexible, cut-resistant fabric layer in the sidewalls, which helps to reduce, well, cuts in the sidewalls from flint gravel roads. SilkShield involves an anti-puncture material that reinforces the entire casing, helping to reduce the risk of flats from bead to bead. Both protection models are tubeless-ready, which adds yet an additional element of puncture resistance.

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