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Maxxis Chronicle Tire - 29 Plus

item #MXX004B
Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $72.82
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Maxxis Chronicle Tire - 29 Plus
Maxxis Chronicle Tire - 29 Plus description:
If you've been paying attention to the latest mountain bike tire offerings, you've probably seen the rise in popularity of 29 Plus tires -- they're bigger and burlier than 29ers, lighter and nimbler than their fat bike counterparts, and adept at handling a variety of rough, inconsistent terrain. Maxxis developed its Chronical 29 Plus so that you can use the same tire for an afternoon trail ride down technical rock gardens as you do for a weekend bikepacking adventure along snowy trails and muddy singletrack. A consistent tread gives the Chronicle excellent grip when cornering, and the fast-rolling dual compound rubber will keep you sailing over small bumps with confidence.

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