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Maxxis Chronicle EXO/TR Tire - 29 Plus

item #MXX003Z
Price: $100.00
Sale Price: $85.32
Buy Maxxis Chronicle EXO/TR Tire - 29 Plus
Maxxis Chronicle EXO/TR Tire - 29 Plus
Maxxis Chronicle EXO/TR Tire - 29 Plus description:
If your rides routinely take you from loose gravel to snowy trails, with maybe with a few sections of rock gardens thrown in for good measure, having a tire that's prepared to blast through everything you throw at it is essential. Maxxis entered into the new world of 29 Plus tires with its Chronicle EXO TR -- it addresses the growing popularity of bikepacking with a tire that's versatile enough for long rides where mountain and fat biking conditions are the norm. The tread pattern is consistent throughout the tire, allowing the fast-rolling dual compound rubber to grip well whether you're taking a tight corner or climbing in sand, and Maxxis treats it with EXO sidewall protection to ward off mid-ride flats. At 1050g, it weighs in similarly to other tires in its class, falling between more traditional mountain tires and burlier fat bike tires.

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