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Maxxis Snyper Tire - 24in

item #MXX003W
Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $29.99
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Maxxis Snyper Tire - 24in
Maxxis Snyper Tire - 24in description:
The 24in Snyper Tire is Maxxis' nod to the BMX cyclist whose tastes skew away from the urban alley cat scene and toward the dirtier side of things. Manicured skatepark sessions are fine, but trying to snipe lines between birthday party crews on two-wheeled scooters does eventually get old. When the soccer moms and scooter groms runneth over, retiring to the dirt park is the only recourse, and no tire handles that transition better than the dual-compound Snyper. The hard center line reduces rolling resistance to gather speed between ramps, and the softer shoulders grip in turns or during sketchy landings when you don't quite complete the full rotation.

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