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Maxxis Ardent L.U.S.T./UST Tires - 29in

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Price: $74.00
Sale Price: $54.95
Buy Maxxis Ardent L.U.S.T./UST Tires - 29in
Maxxis Ardent L.U.S.T./UST Tires - 29in
Maxxis Ardent L.U.S.T./UST Tires - 29in description:
Big, tough, and smooth all at once, the Maxxis Ardent L. U. S. T./UST 29in Tires give the large-wheeled crowd trail-smoothing volume and confidence-inspiring traction. With aggressive blocky side tread and ramped center knobs, the Ardent TR corners like a boss and stops on a dime while maintaining a surprisingly low rolling resistance, making it perfect for soft, hard, and loose ground -- virtually any terrain you can imagine. These tires are acronym/initialism-heavy, so let us explain. The Ardent L. U. S. T./UST is tubeless ready -- compatible with Mavic's Universal Standard Tubeless system -- and features Lighweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology (L. U. S. T.), which doubles the standard of 60 TPI to 120 for extra durability and suppleness. The foldable bead snaps easily onto your rim, and the dual-compound rubber serves up a winning combination of speed in the center, grip on the shoulders, and durability all around. At 2. 25 inches wide, the Ardent TR is also the perfect width for just about any application, so you can slap it on front, back, or both and hit the trails in every condition.

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