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Maxxis Crossmark Tire - 29in

item #MXX003D
Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $46.14
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Maxxis Crossmark Tire - 29in
Maxxis Crossmark Tire - 29in description:
A quick peek at the Maxxis Crossmark 29-inch tire makes it abundantly clear that it's built for minimal rolling resistance and gobs of cornering grip. It was developed specifically for World Cup cross country, where efficiency is prized, and control is the difference between popping the champagne and getting carted off the course by the medical staff. It has countless race wins to its name and has earned itself a devoted following. Frankly, there are few tires that can match it when you need to put down smokin' fast laps on a race track, or your favorite XC trails. The Maxxis Crossmark 29-inch Tire is available in a 29 x 2. 1-inch size and in the color Black. Please note that this tire does not include either rim tape or sealant.

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