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MRP Ribbon 140 Boost Fork - 29/27.5 Plus

item #MRP000H
Price: $989.95
Sale Price: $930.55
Buy MRP Ribbon 140 Boost Fork - 29/27.5 Plus
MRP Ribbon 140 Boost Fork - 29/27.5 Plus
MRP Ribbon 140 Boost Fork - 29/27.5 Plus description:
Offering adjustability out the wazoo, the performance-driven engineers at MRP designed the Ribbon 140 Boost 29/27. 5in Plus Fork to hold up against punishing all-mountain ripping while serving up a custom feel that meets your specific riding needs and adapts easily to local trail systems. In addition to creating a fine-tunable fork for discerning riders and suspension geeks, MRP also was able to keep its weight competitively low at a mere 4. 2 pounds. This particular Ribbon fork features 140-millimeters of terrain-mastering travel for your all-mountain and enduro endeavors. Boost axle spacing brings you precise front wheel tracking over more rambunctious sections of the trail, while the 35-millimeter stanchions' reduced flex and stiff tracking helps adapt to the bumps and divots of the aforementioned rough stuff. Seeing as how the Ribbon is named after the infamous Grand Junction trail that's regarded as one of the most "unique slab rock trails that's as fast as your bike will permit," it only makes sense that the Ribbon is designed to handle the steepest descents at high speeds, but also pick apart technical terrain with surgical precision. Ribbon's FulFill air spring provides you with the fine-tunable feel of independently adjustable positive and negative air chambers, which is ideal when you want to customize your fork's operation and feel to your obsessive specifications. Whether you need it to be smooth and supple off-the-top or exceptionally supportive, the Ribbon is your go-to fork with its independent air chambers. By integrating Ramp Control technology into the Ribbon, MRP ensures you won't have to add or remove volume spacers ever again. This technology delivers 16-position adjustment with the flick of a knob, tuning your fork's behavior to handle harsh hits where you'd otherwise bottom out. Meanwhile, PSST valves bleed out the lowers when dramatic changes in elevation and temperature mess with the operation and feel of your fork. MRP integrated a "...

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