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MRP 1x V3 Alloy Chain Guide

item #MRP000E
Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $65.75
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MRP 1x V3 Alloy Chain Guide
MRP 1x V3 Alloy Chain Guide description:
Before you pack up and hit the road for your weekend bike trip in the mountains, make sure you've got MRP's 1x V3 Alloy Chain Guide mounted onto your frame. In fact, since it can be completely installed using just a 4mm hex wrench, you have no excuse not to do it yourself. Made with durable alloy and designed to accommodate of-the-moment narrow/wide chainrings and one-by setups, the V3 Alloy pairs admirably with clutch-equipped derailleurs. It acts as a physical boundary when you barrel into hand-numbing rock gardens, preventing a dropped chain from interrupting your good time.

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