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MRP AMG Retention System

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Price: $99.95
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MRP AMG Retention System
MRP AMG Retention System description:
The MRP AMG Retention System is built to keep your aggressive trail bike's chain online when you're getting wild. With the widespread acceptance of one-by drivetrains, and clutch-equipped rear derailleurs, many riders have simply chosen to forgo chain retention altogether, but if you check out the bikes that are being raced on the Enduro World Series, you'll find them universally running a top guide like the AMG. After all, it protects your drivetrain from rock debris, and adds the security necessary when you're pushing your trail bike so hard that you're wondering why you left your full face helmet at home.The MRP AMG Retention System is available in three mount styles--bottom bracket mount, ISCG, and ISCG05, in two sizes for either a 28-32t, or 32-38t chainring, and in the colors Black, and White.

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