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Marker Clark Helmet

item #MRK002F
Price: $98.95
Sale Price: $49.47
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Marker Clark Helmet
Marker Clark Helmet description:
Remarkably lightweight, the Marker Clark Helmet disperses heavy impacts without making you feel like a bobblehead on the mountain. Responsible for the Clark's lightweight protection, In-Mold construction bonds impact-absorbing EPS foam to a lightweight, yet durable polycarbonate shell. This results in an impressively light helmet that's ideal for everyone from progressive freestyle riders to big-mountain chargers. For greater durability, it's surrounded by 360o Edge Protection for reinforcement in the case of a side impact with park features or low tree branches. The Xdry liner is comprised of a soft, moisture-wicking material for optimal comfort and heat retention. If you desire to wear a beanie underneath, you can remove this liner for optimal integration. And to ensure a truly custom fit, the RTS system secures with the quick twist of a dial. The MarkAir Channel System draws hot air moving off your head and goggles by precisely aligning sculpted air channels with external vents. This advanced venting regulates your head's temperature while eliminating fogging issues with your goggles. For greater warmth in frigid conditions, Marker's Air Jam climate control gives you the ability to fold the internal liner to block the external vents.

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