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Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl

item #MOU001E
Price: $14.95 Buy Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl
Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl
Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl description:
The Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl is a lightweight, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, roll-up dog dish that is just the ticket for long days on the trail or at the local park. This machine washable dog bowl will accommodate over a quart of food or water in its fold up PVC-free PEVA liner. Roll it, fold it, pack it--the unique snap-fit assembly allows the bowl to pack down to virtually nothing in size and then snap together for immediate use when needed. It's a must have for backcountry pursuits, trail runs, park visits, and any other adventures with your loyal friend.

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