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Most Jaguar XFC Aero 1K Handlebar

item #MOS0002
Price: $464.99
Sale Price: $399.95
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Most Jaguar XFC Aero 1K Handlebar
Most Jaguar XFC Aero 1K Handlebar description:
Current trends put aerodynamics in top priority, and you'd be remiss to put something other than a Most Jaguar XFC Aero 1K Handlebar on that new, wind-slicing road frame. Made from light and stiff carbon fiber, this bar's flattened tops are carefully shaped to reduce drag and bring the unintended bonus of providing a comfortable platform to rest your hands during less intense rides. When the pace kicks up, a 125mm drop allows plenty of room to find the best hand position, and an 80mm reach gives proper control over your steering so all you have to worry about is getting to the county line finish first.In addition to aerodynamics, Most recognizes the importance of clean, smooth bar tape lines and adds integrated cable routing for an impeccably clean cockpit. Minimal graphics add to the clean look, making this bar a fast and classy addition to your favorite road ride.

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