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Maloja Warren Freeride Glove

item #MLJ006P
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $29.97
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Maloja Warren Freeride Glove
Maloja Warren Freeride Glove description:
We won't say that looking down at the bars and seeing Maloja's energetic Warren Freeride Glove will make you pedal up the hill faster, but we also aren't saying it couldn't help. Either way, if sleek, lightweight gloves are your style on the trails, the Warren will be an effortless replacement for the ripped, stretched out pair of gloves you've been unable to part with. A durable Cordura nylon construction backed with Clarino synthetic leather keeps dexterity dialed in the cockpit while you're roosting berms and shifting fast in to straightaways, while the rest of the glove calmly takes brushes with sticks, rocks, and the ground in stride.

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