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Millet Rock Up Climbing Rope - 9.8mm

item #MIL00DY
Price: $199.95 Buy Millet Rock Up Climbing Rope - 9.8mm
Millet Rock Up Climbing Rope - 9.8mm
Millet Rock Up Climbing Rope - 9.8mm description:
Not only is Millet's Rock Up Climbing Rope an inexpensive option for the climbing community's van-living, job-hating dirtbags of today, it's also and eco-friendly option climbers who love the outdoors--so basically.... everyone. This is made possible through Millet's Low Impact program, which eliminates standard manufacturing processes--finishes, drying, machine transfers--to give the rope's yarns--you know, the yarns that save your life--the respect they deserve. The rope might not have all the dry treatments or the abrasion-resistant blah blah blahs, but neither did the ropes that helped put up some of the most classic climbs around.

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