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Millet Ubic 20L Backpack

item #MIL00DD
Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $103.96
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Millet Ubic 20L Backpack
Millet Ubic 20L Backpack description:
If you want to move fast on the mountains, then you have to pack light. That doesn't mean you should run ridges, ski tour, or climb rocks in your birthday suit; a pair of sun protective pants are just as important as the avalanche safety or first aid kit packed in Millet's versatile Ubic 20 Backpack. The pack's VariLoop System carries a variety of outdoors gear ranging from skis and ice axes to trekking poles and emergency bivies so you can use the same backpack all year long. There's also a removable rain cover that's there when it's dumping snow and gone when it's sunny out.

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