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Millet Trilogy 25L Backpack

item #MIL008U
Price: $129.95 Buy Millet Trilogy 25L Backpack
Millet Trilogy 25L Backpack
Millet Trilogy 25L Backpack description:
Designed to shave weight without sacrificing functionality, the Millet Trilogy 25 Backpack is built for serious alpine enthusiasts and ready to tackle vertical terrain. The Trilogy 25 backpack is lightweight and features a narrow silhouette to accommodate free movement and carry well over steep and technical terrain. The back system is body mapped and padded to provide comfortagainst the back and is supported by an internal fiberglass frame that's light and distributes weight evenly. Plus, the top opening is lidless and has a roll-top closure, much like a dry bag, that folds down and seals quickly using compression straps that also acts as a convenient lash point for a climbing rope.

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