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Millet Ubic 30L Backpack

item #MIL008M
Price: $149.95 Buy Millet Ubic 30L Backpack
Millet Ubic 30L Backpack
Millet Ubic 30L Backpack description:
You surprise yourself at the amount of mountainous mischief you can get up to in a single day--year-round, too. You might be climbing up a mountain one season, and skiing down the same mountain in a different season, but Millet's Ubic 30 Backpack is always behind you. Its VariLoop System carries a variety of outdoors gear ranging from skis and ice axes to trekking poles and tents so you can use the same backpack all year long. Designed for the athletic, the Ubic's Foam Lighter suspension system assures proper support whether the pack has climbing gear, ski stuff, or a minimalist backpacking setup inside.

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