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Michelin Wild AM Tire - 29in

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Michelin Wild AM Tire - 29in
Michelin Wild AM Tire - 29in description:
With years of research and development going into the Michelin Wild AM Tire we really shouldn't be so amazed by its ability to tackle the whole mountain, but after too many summers of being teased by tires that claim to be quiver killers, we were getting to be a bit jaded. Finally, a tire that stands up to the ultra-capable claims that surrounded its name, and handle the entire mountain, from XC flow, to loose and gravelly fire roads, and down the mountain like a wild banshee rallying into corners and sending it down rocky lines. The designers at Michelin took their sweet time with research and development on the Wild AM series, going through some 250 different tires at 150 different races, rolling underneath pro riders, and receiving constant feedback, and we're glad they did, because the proof is in the pedaling. Employing Gum-x 3D dual-density tread, which claims to be stronger and grippier, you'll find a compound based on the Gum-X 2d, but with burlier lugs and higher blocks that are better suited for all-mountain riding. Enforcing maximum durability within the compound is Trail Shield technology- a 60 TPI casing constructed to provide puncture resistance from trail debris, rocks, and roots. This tough casing also lends its self to an emerging necessity for some riders: e-bike compatibility. With the increased weight of an e-bike it's essential to run an exceptionally durable tire to withstand the blows of rocks and roots with a heavier load. At 29-inchs this tire is happy to pair with your bike for a fast rolling all-mountain ride, and with 2. 35in you'll find it happily fits on most modern mountain bikes, providing optimal tread contact for loose switchbacks and low enough rolling resistant to power up fire roads with ease.

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